Powerpoint for Presentation/Assessment

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This is the powerpoint I gathering my research, process and outcome, which will be easier for me to present.

But the showreel and Youtube link not working on my Macbook so I upload the file to WordPress and keep a copy on my driver and try it on different computer and make sure the images and video are working before the formal assessment.



New Visual Language – Sound

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I had render my showreel into the slightly (about 6 seconds) different outcomes because of I wasn’t sure which the streetgraphic part I should use within the showreel as I created collages and video clips for the project, so I save both of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_Ai0nApL6o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUocTmKs1aQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdJf2_z-iaE I received few postive feedbacks and where I can improve: ‘I think its best with the titles, but i think you should have the cabinet title at the beginning of the cabinet clip because it signifies the end of streetgraphics.’ ‘I like the collage more than the clips but maybe you could show both. If you showed the clips in a small box in the corner next to your collage.’ ‘I think the walking part could be clearer?’ ‘I really like it, you have used the modernist/post modern theme really well which is what I’m struggling with on mine. Are you putting music to it or voice overs?’ Using the feedbacks I received I had finally finish the editing of the showreel, I extended the showreel to 40 second to adding the video clips into the showreel. Make some space between Streetgraphic and COC so then I can add the title between the projects and make the overlapping video clips more visible and clearer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAAoCcrYiu0   I consider to find some edgy soundtrack for my showreel after read one of the feedback from above. I find some sound effects and tunes form the Zedge and freesound.org. Then luckily I have two friends who studying BSc Music Technology in uni who offering to produced the sound for me but because of this was on short notice and won’t have enough times for us to discuss about the collaborate so I decided to use one of the track from below: http://www.zedge.net/ringtone/649533/sound/ http://www.zedge.net/ringtone/863282/sound-effect/ re-mix Dark02.mp3 Underground in Kiev Microbrute clap beat Warmhole.aif Casual Friday.aiff – by JimiMod random symbols p10k s200 m0 c0 (processed) drone.wav   Imported the sounds into After Effects, played the showreel with the RAM Preview and  to added the sound credit into the end of the showreel, before I render the showreel I making sure the composition setting is 1280×720, H.264, HDV/HDTV 720 25.

New Visual Language – Animating

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Create the mask with image, animating the shape and change the blending modes.

Adding my typeface into the showreel.

changed the opacity of the layers

Some beautiful effect movements show within this part of the showreel

Combining all the masks and masking together (experimenting)

How I layout my Cabinet of Curiosity outcomes together. Slightly changed the shapes to give the showreel a post modernism style.

Using the stripe mask to transforming between the projects and also connecting the style.

Manifesto Concept & Outcome

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At the moment, I still see myself as a mixed media artist instead of a professional animator, I am developing the animation techniques and knowledge while I am studying the BA Hons Animation and Motion Graphic degree in University of Huddersfield.

I had experienced with different art techniques while I studying the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design in Wakefield College, such as life drawing, casting, making and other skills. The skills I learnt were really useful when I became very interested in some of the animators’ work which my college had shown me. I started considering should I push myself forward to take the challenge to studying animation degree instead of contemporary art and illustration? I’m glad that I made the right decision, yes, animation is more difficult than I thought but that’s why I going to university for, to learn, to challenge and finding my diversity and abilities of being a mixed media artist. Maybe some of my works on this blog are still in the craft and fine art type but I am trying to make it into animated version, be patient to use the very limited techniques and knowledges to animate the pieces with the computer applications.

What is animation? To me, animation is about the lines, dots, shapes, colours, texts, figures, movement, scene, sounds, cultures, memories, history, imagination, emotions, playfulness, everything and all the little details.(Please have a look of my manifesto animator version of Claes Oldenburg’s“I am for an Art ”) So my short definition for ‘Animation’ is ‘Everything’, because of animation could be fiction or reality, the plots could be based on a true story or just one of my imaginations, but I will need to do load of research to back up for the plots. By studying animation I would like to challenge my ability, to produce an animation, I need to be curious to discover the cultures, history and facts, then express the purpose of I learn from the research within the animation, the purpose could be serious subject matter or everyday life solutions.

I’m seeking inspiration from everyday life because I believed that ‘Art is everywhere and everything, everything could be possible in the animation.’ It is a path of where I can build my dream and imaginary, using my imagination and techniques to create a better world.
Why the outcome is a postcard?

First, it will have black dot appear on the screen, many black lines will stretch out and transform into a pink ball, then I change the position of the object and drag it down and animating it within the screen, the ball will slightly squash when it hit the edge of the composition, my original idea was the circle/ball will instantly change into other shape when it hit the edge of the composition, but I changed my idea to some small shapes will born because of the hit as there’s always have new ideas coming up with the failure. The small shape will show little bit of the animation techniques which I learnt from the Monday sessions, they will stop at the bottoms of the postcard as leave the marks and to showing the process. The ball will stop at the top right corner as where the stamp will place later on. I animated few lines to make it look like a propor postcard.
Print it out in 15 cm x 10 cm, make a few clips when I was writing it and I speed the clip faster when I editing the clips and sound together, overlapping the photographs of my writing to skip the video clips and finally showing my manifesto postcard. I written few words wrong and crossed them out but I think this is what I wanted it to be, because I learning from mistake but all I need to do it keep trying and improving. on the top right corner, I make a 1st class stamp on brown paper and draw a dated stamp which says ‘MANIFESTO’ on it. I really like the outcome. If I have chance to improve it I will animate the writing onto it, instead of handwrite. Also with the postcard, I could invite people to get involve to write on it, post it, start go back into communicating in the traditional way instead of email, text, call or social network.

Sound from http://www.freesound.org/people/shaunlolz/sounds/235756/#



‘Ideas could appear anytime,

give each of them a go,

leave spaces to allow them go freely

even if you know it will hit the walls,

but all you will need to is keep trying to make it better

develop the new ideas (which pop out from the failure learn)from the experience,

keep the result,

show it to the world,

receive feedback and keep improving it.

Because animations allows anything to happen.’


New Visual Language – Masks

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I trying out few effects by using the black and white masks which from last time Jay was helping me to created with and I really like how the images look when the mask was applied on top.


Showreel Test

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Feedback on the test
To Jay, my test including the still from the previous projects, street graphic and earth artifact (still searching for all the projects files at the moment) so he think how abut credit the project titles to divide the showreel and give the audience a better idea of each project.
The cut part of the beginning are interesting but the images are blending in because of the similar colour tone so I could consider change the blending modes and other effects to make them stand out.
During the 30 seconds test(the last 16 seconds was just blank because I was in a rush to rendering the outcome and forgot to trim the work area.), I think I should slow down the last stills, they are too jumpy, Jay like the roughness of it but then it will be better if I can keep the stills same tempo, also the roughness will be smoother if I adding music for the showreel.
With John and Ian, they think the font of the title ain’t really go well with my typography so they wished I could change it.
I asked about the copyright for the soundtrack, as I been asked to upload the showreel to Youtube or Vimeo channel but will I get in trouble by using the soundtrack without permission(although I will credit the original artist) and Jay said for the first year student whose experimenting with the techniques as part of the studying so it will be alright for us to credit the original then upload to the Youtube/ Vimeo channel, then set the showreel unlisted or private, copy the link to the blog or email to the tutor.
This is some of the layout I think I will use for my showreel.
I also keep editing the stills and videos from Streetgraphics with the animating skill I learn from the tutorials, here are the results:
I don’t think I will using any of them in my final showreel but this is a general idea of what I could do with After Effects.

New Visual Language – Inspiration

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The mainly influenced by…